Personalised Plant Selection

During the planning process, we help you to select the correct plantings to complete the project. This could be screening, formal arrangements, practicality, low-maintenance, shade, feature. We carefully consider proximity to buildings, structures and also the position of sun exposure throughout the day as well as the existing soil/type and condition. We have over 20 years of horticultural experience in our local area and a network of quality nurseries and plant suppliers that stretch from the Sunshine Coast to Northern NSW and beyond. In this project, we chose Elaeocarpus eumundi to screen our newly constructed pool surrounds from the neighbour’s shed. The effect was immediate and the spacings allow for complete screening when the trees fill out over the next 12 months

Themed Feature Gardens

Let your imagination soar with one of our custom feature gardens! This Japanese-styled pond and garden blends traditional methods with the Gold Coast climate and lifestyle to create a stunning courtyard inside this Mermaid Waters home. It displays a point of interest that can be enjoyed from many different angles inside and outside of the house and comes alive at night with mood lighting.  Black pine and Conifer bansai blend with Japanese Maple and groundcover of Viola. Liriope and Zanzibar Gem border the pond. Feature bush rock and granite boulders add a timeless quality to mimic mountains, while the white glacier pebble impersonates a river that winds its way to the sea. The sound of the bamboo water feature and pond adds stillness and calm for the admirer to stop, reflect and embrace the peace and tranquility that this space entails.

Landscape Design

Having a professional design is imperative to a successful landscaping project. The design process helps to iron out any uncertainties about the finished ‘look’. Our design team works with you to maximize the use of your outdoor living areas, rectify any structural flaws, re-shape and level existing landscape areas and create textures and finishes that compliment your house, increase real estate value, and blend into your lifestyle and needs. We can also design patios, pools, and pool surrounds.

Our system is unique and different from most designers. You are guaranteed exceptional service through a series of meetings and consultations with our design and construction team who are also qualified horticulturists. Our experience helps you choose the correct plantings and finishes that compliment your design. Your requests and our creative energy come together in a concept that will inspire you. We aim to instill confidence in your project before a shovel hits the ground.

Our design packages start at basic landscape concept plans through to a complete package that includes a 3D render video to help you gain a deeper understanding of our ideas and vision. Contact us to discuss which design package is best suited for you!

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls

The concrete sleeper retaining wall system ticks all the boxes if you are after longevity! This ‘wood look’ retaining wall was constructed in Sanctuary Cove. You can guarantee that this concrete sleeper wall will look this good for a very long time! We always ensure that the wall is constructed to Australian standards and manufacturer’s specifications. Throughout the year, your land will contract when dry, expand when wet, and possibly move and crack over time. This puts pressure on all retaining walls. Our concrete sleeper walls are backed up by a correctly installed drainage system to alleviate pressure and excessive water over the course of its life.

Colour A Blank Wall Space With One Of Our Custom Green Walls!

This living green wall adds a spectacular splash of colour to timber screening at a courtyard project in Clear Island Waters. We selected the appropriate plants and formed a creative pattern that can be changed around if you desire. I like to use typical ground covers, small shrubs, succulents and grasses. They are very easy to maintain as none of the plants require extensive or regular pruning. Each module comes with a self-watering system that is designed to hold water in each pot just long enough for the plant to absorb. More drought tolerant species are placed at the top and the system transfers water to more wet tolerant species at the bottom and holds the moisture for longer.

Ex Ground Tree Transplanting

This is a Canary Island Date Palm that we recently relocated to our project in Sanctuary Cove. The palm was selected from an accredited tree farm, specifically to fit the area allocated. The trunk is a clear 2.5 metres and the girth of the crown is 6 metres. The existing site soil was poor and made up of shale, clay and rock. The root ball was 1.1 metres deep so we excavated down to 1.4 metres with plenty of width. We mixed the best of the site soil with our usual organic compost mix to raise the level back to 1.1m. Then back filled with the organic soil mix. You must be careful not to over fertilise when transplanting as the young roots can shock if the soil is too rich. We used a touch of dynamic lifter/osmocote blend and a healthy dose of water crystals. It was a hot morning so we made sure to water the root ball immediately and left if on a drip for 24 hrs. I also like to drench the crown and root ball with Seasol by using a hose click applicator. As palms also like to absorb water from the crown, I was sure to aim the applicator overhead. The palm is under an automatic irrigation system now and looking great!

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