Our Team Our Mission

Our Team Our Mission


Anthony Reilly


Anthony brings over 25 years of landscaping and managerial expertise to the table, having honed his skills in South-East Queensland and Northern NSW. His qualifications include a Cert 4 in Horticulture, Diploma in Horticulture, and QBCC Licence -1102675.

At Apunga Landscapes, we boast a highly skilled in-house team comprising a talented Landscape Designer, and dedicated Tradespeople and Horticulturists, Additionally, we operate our own excavator, skid steer loader and other machinery.

Our network of subcontractors and referred tradesmen are top-tier professionals in their respective fields, each holding their own trade licences and insurances. With over 7 years of collaboration, we ensure the highest standards for your landscaping project, covering specialties such as concreting, tiling, carpentry, rendering, irrigation, brick/block laying, stonemasonry, pool construction, plumbing, electrical work, steel/aluminium fabrication, and arboriculture.



1: Quality

We uphold high standards and meticulous attention to detail consistently. Our expertise in advanced construction and horticultural techniques ensures superior workmanship.

2: Communication

We prioritize clear, concise, and proactive communication with our entire team, clients, suppliers, contractors, and other trades involved in our projects.

3: Culture

We foster a safe, supportive, and inclusive work environment where honesty, respect, and non-judgmental attitudes prevail, promoting the well-being and morale of our team.

4: Passion

 Our passion for our work drives us to approach each project with pride, enthusiasm, and confidence, ensuring exceptional results and client satisfaction.

5: Professionalism

We maintain a professional image and adhere to highly efficient planning, scheduling, and execution of all projects and daily tasks, ensuring reliability and excellence in all aspects of our operations.

6: Brand

From the outset, our company has prioritized the quality of our work and exceptional service above all else. Our brand embodies all these core values, leading to a customer experience rooted in trust and confidence, which in turn generates referrals and further opportunities.