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After our consultation and the gathering of ideas, we can create a conceptual design and provide an itemised quotation for your project. This includes earthworks, all aspects of landscape construction and the finer details of planting and turfing.

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    Landscape Design

    Our team of creative and seasoned professionals is here to guide you through the planning and design phases of your landscape construction project, ensuring that your vision is realized to your exact specifications. We strive to breathe life into your landscapes by offering:

    • Innovative solutions and Creative Ideas
    • Expertise, Knowledge, and Skilled Workmanship
    • Cost-Effective Solutions
    • Sustainable Practices

    Why Trust Apunga to create your landscape concept plan?

    We have the experience and creative energy to put our collaborative ideas to paper! Experience the most beautiful landscape designs unique to the Gold Coast and Northern NSW area.

    At Apunga Landscapes, we pride ourselves on having the most experienced and approachable staff dedicated to achieving 100% client satisfaction. Our team is not only passionate but also highly creative, comprising talented landscape designers and landscapers who are committed to bringing your vision to life.

    We can blend your design with an itemised quotation that fits your requirements and budget

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    Frequently Asked Question(Faq's)

    Contact Apunga Landscapes to inquire about pricing for our landscape concept plan packages. Once we've reached an agreement, our designers will visit your home to engage in a comprehensive discussion about your ideas and vision.

    During this consultation, we'll carefully consider all existing architectural elements and provide friendly advice for enhancing them, while also suggesting fresh ideas for a modern landscape design. Additionally, we'll address any structural flaws or access restraints to ensure a seamless implementation process.

    Our design expertise extends beyond traditional landscaping to encompass all outdoor living spaces, including pools, pool surrounds, patios, green wall, roof top gardens, and courtyards.

    Our landscape designer collaborates closely with you and our construction team to craft your dream garden and outdoor space. Once your design requirements are fulfilled, we then provide you with an itemized quotation to realize your plan.

    Throughout the construction process, our designer remains available should you wish to make any adjustments to the scope of work, ensuring that your vision is realized to perfection.

    Our landscape designer works closely with you and our construction team to create your dream garden and outdoor space. Once your design needs are met. Our landscape construction team will then provide you with an itemised quotation to bring your plan to life!. Our designer is also available throughout the construction process if you wish to make any changes to the scope of works.

    With over 20 years of landscaping experience on the Gold Coast, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive approach to project design and execution. Our projects are meticulously planned in consultation with our construction team, ensuring that potential design constraints are identified and addressed from the outset. As horticulturists, we meticulously select plants that align with modern trends while considering practicality and maintenance requirements.

    Moreover, we handle all necessary arrangements, including council, engineering, and building certification if required, streamlining the process for our clients and alleviating any stress or apprehension associated with their projects. Acting as a one-stop-shop, our integrated approach ensures seamless coordination and communication throughout every stage of the project.

    Furthermore, our designer remains actively involved throughout the construction process and handover, providing continuous support and ensuring that your vision is realized to perfection.

    If you're in the process of building a new home or installing a swimming pool, it's crucial to initiate your landscaping planning as early as possible. Designing and planning your landscaping before engaging a contractor can result in significant time and cost savings. By leveraging open access, you can kickstart your landscaping project simultaneously with your new home.

    Establishing a strong relationship between your builder and landscaper is key to ensuring a seamless project execution.

    If you currently reside in an existing home, involving our landscape designer will encompass consultation and design for all outdoor areas. Following this, each area can be constructed individually or collectively, depending on your budget. A master plan serves as a timeless blueprint, allowing for the construction of each area at your convenience.