Ex Ground Tree Transplanting

Ground Tree Transplanting

This is a Canary Island Date Palm that we recently relocated to our project in Sanctuary Cove. The palm was selected from an accredited tree farm, specifically to fit the area allocated. The trunk is a clear 2.5 metres and the girth of the crown is 6 metres. The existing site soil was poor and made up of shale, clay and rock. The root ball was 1.1 metres deep so we excavated down to 1.4 metres with plenty of width. We mixed the best of the site soil with our usual organic compost mix to raise the level back to 1.1m. Then back filled with the organic soil mix. You must be careful not to over fertilise when transplanting as the young roots can shock if the soil is too rich. We used a touch of dynamic lifter/osmocote blend and a healthy dose of water crystals. It was a hot morning so we made sure to water the root ball immediately and left if on a drip for 24 hrs. I also like to drench the crown and root ball with Seasol by using a hose click applicator. As palms also like to absorb water from the crown, I was sure to aim the applicator overhead. The palm is under an automatic irrigation system now and looking great!

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